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Wendy Parker

Wendy Parker

Past brands:

Coca-Cola, Wachovia, New Balance, RedBull, General Motors, SunTrust, BB&T, Sprint, L'Oreal, Johnson & Johnson, Norwegian Cruise Line

What I love about what I do:

The variety. Every day is different. I get to see and experience such a broad range of initiatives that things are never dull – every day has a new outlook.

What I love about Mythic:

There are no games, no posing, no politics. It's refreshing to have direct and honest dialogue and not have to dance around prima donnas.

The best things in life are:

I'm pretty adventuresome by nature. I've visited over 50 countries so far (actually lived in 2 internationally) and my 6 year old twins are on their 2nd passport. The best way to have a better understanding of the world is to actually experience it.


David Olsen

David Olsen
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