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Mythic Earns 4A’s Workplace Enlightenment Certification

Mythic has recently earned the 4A’s Workplace Enlightenment Certification as part of our ongoing commitment to build a more inclusive workplace. This training will help us hold our agency to the highest standard of equity and inclusion as we continue to challenge ourselves to Be More for our clients, community and each other.

The training program focuses on inclusion across six areas: race/ethnicity, gender, LGBTQIA+, age, faith, and people with disabilities. Successful completion of the program requires 100% employee participation and resulted in over 700 hours invested. Employees spent this time exploring topics such as the impact of privilege in the workplace, removing barriers to inclusion, and increasing opportunities for diverse perspectives and participation across the agency.

True diversity transforms organizations into more successful, effective, and profitable entities. This kind of progress can only be achieved in a workplace where people and their work are consistently seen, heard, and respected. This is why programs that broaden our perspective, promote respectful dialogue, and help us grow through action are so important to our work and the advertising industry as a whole.

The 4A’s Workplace Enlightenment Certification has helped provide the tools to implement more diverse hiring practices, ensure equitable practices across our agency, set operational standards and measure progress.

While we are proud of our achievement, we recognize this is a continuous journey steeped in opportunity and responsibility. Now more than ever, our team is excited to Be More in an environment where everyone is welcome just as they are and empowered to create meaningful work that elevates all voices.

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