Be More

Our culture inspires us to Be More every day.

More curious. More ambitious.
More passionate. More purposeful.

Our culture is built on a set of unwavering core values.

Own the work.

Ask tough questions. Answer tough questions. Recognize what's at stake and be accountable at all times.

Create with purpose.

This is not creative for creative's sake. This is creative that drives results. Every insight, brief and execution must move the needle forward.

Find a way.

Don't shy away from opportunity — embrace it. Say no to "it can't be done," and yes to the hustle.

Fuel curiosity.

Do more than just keep up. Get ahead. Pick up the skills you need to dive headfirst into new projects. Hone, sharpen, refine. Never stop learning.

Move as one.

This is not a solo act. Depend on each other. Know that we make the most progress when we share a single, forward direction.

Employees working at a coffee shop

Be You

We believe in a culture where being welcomed to show up as you are, is what empowers everyone to be their best. Here, building a more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture is a collective, continuous journey of improvement. By embracing different ideas, backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives, we can learn from each other, grow in understanding, and create meaningful work — work that elevates all voices and better serves the world we share.

By being you, we can all be more.

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Mythic helping build raised garden beds in community

We are champions for our community.

From charity walks to planting community gardens or wherever else our hearts lie, we are invested in helping to grow, preserve and appreciate those around us.

A view of Charlotte NC

We’re at home in Charlotte.

The Queen City rules in our book. Booming business, a thriving arts scene, craft breweries, local restaurants, beautiful weather, and close proximity to the mountains and beaches make Charlotte one of America's fastest growing cities – and we're proud to call it home.

Join our growing team of thinkers, makers & doers.

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