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Central Piedmont Community College

Possibility hasn’t even begun to dream up all the things it could be.

Central Piedmont Community College found itself competing with 195 higher education schools in the state of North Carolina and facing the outdated stigma of community colleges often being thought of as “a last resort” or “not as good as traditional universities.” Mythic was charged with rebranding and repositioning Central Piedmont within the UNC System to enhance its reputation, drive excitement and engagement, and support student recruitment. We saw an opportunity for Central Piedmont to become more aspirational, positioning CP as a change agent that promotes educational opportunities and ensures student success with a unique approach to learning. Mythic created the “Conquer Possibility” campaign by tapping into the idea that Central Piedmont doesn’t just imagine possibility — but helps you harness and take control of it to truly achieve greatness and drive a stronger future together.


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