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Beth Prus

Beth Prus

Past brands:

Liberty Mutual, HUMMER, Volkswagen, Animal Planet, Avon, Duke Energy

What I love about what I do:

The 2C's – creativity and curiosity. In our world, you need to be ever-curious – whether it's better understanding what your client deals with on a daily basis or it's digging in to the heart and psyche of targets. And since you're constantly learning, your creativity goes bonkers. With all the learnings, your insights get stronger. And you are able to apply a different lens to something or ask that “crazy” question that turns something on it's head and makes people think differently. That combined with the fact that I couldn't really escape advertising – it's in my blood. My mom and dad run an ad agency and my aunt and uncle also run an ad agency.

What I love about Mythic:

Okay, this is where you see my sappy side (and yes, I do cry at HouseHunters). Our core value of Move As One is what makes Mythic so special. Everyone here at Mythic truly believes that we're in it together. And because we are in it together, work is not a task, it's an adventure and an everyday opportunity to do something awesome. And who doesn't want to be a part of doing something awesome? Teardrops. Now.

The best things in life are:

My husband and our twin boys (aka Batman and Robin) are my guides. Combine them with some running, Game of Thrones or The Voice, a gin & tonic, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the rest of my family, and my heart is full.


Taylor Bryant

Taylor Bryant
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